Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

Some of the ornaments on our tree!

Our pictures

We're still watching Gilmore girls!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Snow Days

Tom & I have the week off between Christmas & New Years so we are staying at home watching Gilmore girls. We took a walk in the snow and it is just so beautiful out! We took pictures of our property and house.
Our view from the front of our house

Our front yard

Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

Trees covered in snow!
Front yard trees
Tom coming out of our garage
Front of our house
Our front yard
Petunia playing too close to the road
The road to our house
Tom walking down the drive way
Our home

Tom & Petunia picking up our mail
A view of our side yard
The plants we planted this summer covered in snow
Our front yard
Our woods
Our fort in the woods!
We covered our apple tree so the Moose wouldn't eat it!
Love our front porch!
Tom walking up our front driveway
Petunia infront of our tree
My puppy!

Merry Christmas

Mom & Dad came over for Christmas Eve and we ended up opening all of our presents together.  Mom & Dad were FREEZING in our house that we keep at 61 degrees so Mom has Tom's Christmas Cardinals Snuggie on her to keep her warm!

Dad was also freezing so he was wearing Tom's robe that he got for Christmas! hahah I love this picture it makes me laugh!!

Our Christmas tree!!
Merry Christmas every one!

Our First Anniversary

Our first Anniversary!  We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Anchorage.  We love it there and they greeted us with a lovely gift basket & bottle of Alaskan water!

They have big 'ol flat screen TVs in every room! This is the Jacuzzi suite room, Tom is in the bedroom.

On our way out of the hotel

Driving to the sleigh ride!

Our Sleigh ride!

Riding along in our sleigh with our driver - she thought we were on our first date we were acting all cutesy LOL

Tom & Mack the Horse