Saturday, June 26, 2010

Almost Petunia's Birthday!

Co-workers brought Petunia gifts (b/c they couldn't make it to get birthday)

Treats for the Birthday girl

Petunia loves her toys!

Georgia came over to help get ready for Petunia's Birthday party

Lots of cakes for Tunia.  The pink cake is her personal one.

Cookies for Petunia and her friends

After cooking we girls need to get out of the house!  Lets go meet some boys!! =:)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Busy Busy June 2010

Georgia and I are celebrating our July Birthdays together.  So we went dress shopping in Anchorage with Vicki!  This one she broke the beads off the dress and they went all over the floor.  Super embarrassing!

This was the winner!

We found shoes & purses (buy one get one, how could you refuse?)
Vicki can power shop with the best of them!

Girls were born to SHOP

Girls out shopping Friday evening

Stopping to refuel at Bernies Bungalow

My Sister and her family flew to AK the Saturday Vicki and I were hanging out, so we stopped by the airport to welcome them.
(AJ my niece, Aden, and my sister Shannon)

My baby is all grown up!

Shannon waiting for the luggage

Dad drove from Wasilla to pick them up

After the airport Vicki and I went to the Saturday market

They have everything here!

It's so good to see good friends again!

We love being silly!

Tourist shopping late Saturday night

I think we missed the bear in the picture

This is why we shouldn't be out past 11pm
Late night crazy times
"How come alcohol doesn't have an ingredient list?  I don't know lets go ask the little guy at the local grocery store"

We heart Starbucks!

Having lunch at the park - Me and AJ
AJ, Shannon & Aden

Taking Petunia and Aden for a ride

In the midst of all the fun Petunia still got to play with her buddies.

Traveling out to Eagle River to catch up with my good friend Amie and her little baby boy Brandon.

In the midst of all the fun I've been working on my property too.  The view from my front porch.

Doing a little planting this summer

Made flower beds this summer.  Like my Lowes stepping stones?

It's all coming together

The nice fence that blocks out the neighbors LOL

My retaining wall, it's so cute!

My lawn and driveway

My sister and her family came over to my house for a cookout and to celebrate Fathers Day

Petunia wants to help Dad open his gifts (my dumb camera switched over to close up mode so all my pictures are fuzzy!!! waaah)

Going to the new theater to see Knight and Day sneak preview

My sister, niece and I, wish this picture wasn't fuzzy!!!!

LOL Shannon, AJ & Ted, cracking me up at the movie theater

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun in June

Shopping in Anchorage with Vicki

Walking around downtown in the sun

Chatting at Starbucks

Georgia & Susannah

Lunch out with my girls

New guy hazing....told him Wednesday was bring food to work day so he made custard and put it on my desk hahaha.  Too bad there isn't really such a day.

Dinner with Vicki and  Piccolinos

So good to see her again!

The Party continues at home...

Baking with Xylitol