Friday, May 21, 2010

What is love

I remember thinking "How could you ever really love some one so that their lips smacking when they ate didn't make you want to cram your fork into their throats?"

I honestly didn't think it was possible.  That is until I met my puppy Petunia.  She does all the HORRIbLE annoying, disgusting things that guys/girls do that I ABHORE.  Snores in her sleep, snorts when I pick her up and squish her, smacks her lips and chomps loudly when eating, drinks water so loudly that it wakes me up, licks her fur creating a horrible sound with her saliva and tongue.'s the most precious sounds on earth to my ears.  Every little snore brings a smile to my face.  Sometimes I pick her up and cuddle her close during the day just to hear her little snort in my ear.  When she eats so loudly my boss from several yards away mentions it - I think of it as endearing and kiss the top of my puppies head.

So I suppose it is possible to love someone/something so much that all those things that normally drives you nuts now are incredibly sweet and cute.


Casie said...

Reading these with Zach, he says 'Susannah is quite vivid with her words -shove my fork down their throat-' ahahahaaaa, me, I just smiled and giggled when I read it :) I love you!

Found in Alaska said...

hahaha I learned from the best (you!) Remember when you said, "Don't talking about hurting yourself when you get mad, hurt others" Thats my lifes moto now =:)