Friday, May 21, 2010

My throat hurts

So biggest loser started up again at my office.  There's this girl who is beating me horribly and I feel like throwing in the towel and just eating ice cream. 

So its FRIDAY!!!! yiiiiiiiiippeeeeee I heart the weekend.  It was SO hot (70 degrees) and such a beautiful day I couldn't wait to speed out of the parking lot with my head thrown back laughing like a mad woman all the way home.  That is until around 3pm when my throat started burning a little.  It progressed into a full horrible sore throat!!!! I hate sore throats!!! And tomorrow I'm supposed to be building a retaining wall for my front yard!!! ROWR!!!

*sigh* ok tonight I rest, tomorrow will come what will be will be.


Casie said...

Throw you head back and laugh- somehow I get a mental picture of Curella Devil.

Found in Alaska said...

YES that is exactly what you should be picturing!