Friday, May 21, 2010

My Front Yard

So I'm getting my front yard landscaped!  YES I found this amazing company that has a vision and does things for an INCREDIBLE price!  We have "filled" my yard with material from my back yard raising it 2 1/2 feet making it even with the rest of my yard.  Now we're creating a retaining wall and 2 brick gardens next to the house.  Soon I'll be mowing grass!!! I'm so excited! And even more excited to be able to pay for this in cash! (so far so good) woohoo happy Summer (pictures soon to follow)


Casie said...

Zach said 'Tell Susannah I wish I made as much money as her' consider yourself told.

Found in Alaska said...

Tell Zach - Obama made me NOT purchasing a house more expensive then purchasing one. Thanks for paying for my house Zach.