Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco De Mayo!!

It all started in 2006 when Maadiah, her friend and I went to dinner at Chepos in December.  The owner served us and invited us to come back to Cinco De Mayo.  She said how much fun they have at their restaurant for the holiday.  Well I didn't go that next year, but every year after that I have gone!  Last year I went with 4 girls, but this year we made it to 8 girls!! It was a much longer wait with so many people, but totally worth it!! There was live music, free hats, good food, and great fun!

At work - can't wait for the Party to begin!

We waited in line for 2 hours!

Bonnie & Georgia while we were waiting in line to get into Chepos

Susannah, Bonnie & Georgia - Hurry up line!

We're in! And we're hungry!
Smile girls!

Georgia & Katie
Tanya & Sarah
There was live music, lots of people & tons of fun!
We all got free hats!
Party over here!
Me & Brenna

My food!

Eat up!
Love the hats girls!
Sarah Glaves the artist!
And then the dancing started! Ahhh LOL Georgia & me

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