Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Girls Day out!
Tanya, Brenna, Susannah, Georgia

Walking to the Saturday Market - Anchorage

Go Georgia!

Pretty girls

What would a girls day be without tattoos? Henna of course

There was a ton of food and we were SO hungry!

Waiting for Brenna...and waiting....

Oh there's Brenna....with her foot blisters.

Going to see Brenna's wedding venue

At the movies with the girls


Tanya and Georgia at the theater

Shopping made us hungry

I love having fun!

Walking downtown

Watch out Anchorage

After lunch and movie theater popcorn - it's time for dinner!

This is where I flipped the setting on my camera to the "flower" setting making the pictures blurry

I have no idea what is going on in this picture

Lets go take the town! and find some shoes for Brenna's blistered feet...

Some moose slippers! Perfect

Not sure why I was taking pictures...

Brenna helping two girls out with her iphone

Sus & Brenna being goofy!

Georgia making friends

Georgia & Brenna (lol)

"What's that Tanya?" - Brenna, "I'm going to punch you in the face, eh!"- Tanya


Are we there yet?

Go Brenna!!

Anyone for a little breakfast at Dennys?

"Lets crash at Brenna's parents house - they're out of town for the weekend"
Thanks for the toothbrush!

Friday, May 21, 2010


So uh, is anyone else out there as into LOST as Iam?  I have sooo many theories and ideas....but everything comes down to this Sunday night! It looks like I'll be watching 4 1/2 hours of LOST!  I'm trying to have a lost party but it's hard to get ppl to stay up that late on a night before work.

Anywho - here's to LOST..........we'll miss you!

My Front Yard

So I'm getting my front yard landscaped!  YES I found this amazing company that has a vision and does things for an INCREDIBLE price!  We have "filled" my yard with material from my back yard raising it 2 1/2 feet making it even with the rest of my yard.  Now we're creating a retaining wall and 2 brick gardens next to the house.  Soon I'll be mowing grass!!! I'm so excited! And even more excited to be able to pay for this in cash! (so far so good) woohoo happy Summer (pictures soon to follow)

What is love

I remember thinking "How could you ever really love some one so that their lips smacking when they ate didn't make you want to cram your fork into their throats?"

I honestly didn't think it was possible.  That is until I met my puppy Petunia.  She does all the HORRIbLE annoying, disgusting things that guys/girls do that I ABHORE.  Snores in her sleep, snorts when I pick her up and squish her, smacks her lips and chomps loudly when eating, drinks water so loudly that it wakes me up, licks her fur creating a horrible sound with her saliva and tongue.'s the most precious sounds on earth to my ears.  Every little snore brings a smile to my face.  Sometimes I pick her up and cuddle her close during the day just to hear her little snort in my ear.  When she eats so loudly my boss from several yards away mentions it - I think of it as endearing and kiss the top of my puppies head.

So I suppose it is possible to love someone/something so much that all those things that normally drives you nuts now are incredibly sweet and cute.

My throat hurts

So biggest loser started up again at my office.  There's this girl who is beating me horribly and I feel like throwing in the towel and just eating ice cream. 

So its FRIDAY!!!! yiiiiiiiiippeeeeee I heart the weekend.  It was SO hot (70 degrees) and such a beautiful day I couldn't wait to speed out of the parking lot with my head thrown back laughing like a mad woman all the way home.  That is until around 3pm when my throat started burning a little.  It progressed into a full horrible sore throat!!!! I hate sore throats!!! And tomorrow I'm supposed to be building a retaining wall for my front yard!!! ROWR!!!

*sigh* ok tonight I rest, tomorrow will come what will be will be.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco De Mayo!!

It all started in 2006 when Maadiah, her friend and I went to dinner at Chepos in December.  The owner served us and invited us to come back to Cinco De Mayo.  She said how much fun they have at their restaurant for the holiday.  Well I didn't go that next year, but every year after that I have gone!  Last year I went with 4 girls, but this year we made it to 8 girls!! It was a much longer wait with so many people, but totally worth it!! There was live music, free hats, good food, and great fun!

At work - can't wait for the Party to begin!

We waited in line for 2 hours!

Bonnie & Georgia while we were waiting in line to get into Chepos

Susannah, Bonnie & Georgia - Hurry up line!

We're in! And we're hungry!
Smile girls!

Georgia & Katie
Tanya & Sarah
There was live music, lots of people & tons of fun!
We all got free hats!
Party over here!
Me & Brenna

My food!

Eat up!
Love the hats girls!
Sarah Glaves the artist!
And then the dancing started! Ahhh LOL Georgia & me