Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Boudoir

My bedroom I did not prepare for as I did the other rooms in my house.  I want to make my own headboard, but hung some curtains as a backdrop for now.  I want a huge picture of a Chinese cherry tree above the head board.  Anywho so this is it...for now.  I plan on doing alot more....eventually =:)

My comfy oversized chair that I bought from the clearance floor of JCpenney.  I sit in it every morning and read or blow dry my hair.
That is the door to the masterbath.  See the Scentsy warmer with the Chinese Cherry trees on it? I love those colors.
Not much to look at, but it's comfy, and clean I just washed all the sheets, blankets, and pillow cases. I not only vacuumed the floor, I also vacuumed the matress!
This is an East facing window so the sun wakes me slowly as it rises.
I love this mirror! It was a clearance find at Lowes for $30.  I framed the pictures that I found at Michaels.
These are pictures I have taken from magazines and framed.  I change them out whenever I want something new.

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