Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Boudoir

My bedroom I did not prepare for as I did the other rooms in my house.  I want to make my own headboard, but hung some curtains as a backdrop for now.  I want a huge picture of a Chinese cherry tree above the head board.  Anywho so this is it...for now.  I plan on doing alot more....eventually =:)

My comfy oversized chair that I bought from the clearance floor of JCpenney.  I sit in it every morning and read or blow dry my hair.
That is the door to the masterbath.  See the Scentsy warmer with the Chinese Cherry trees on it? I love those colors.
Not much to look at, but it's comfy, and clean I just washed all the sheets, blankets, and pillow cases. I not only vacuumed the floor, I also vacuumed the matress!
This is an East facing window so the sun wakes me slowly as it rises.
I love this mirror! It was a clearance find at Lowes for $30.  I framed the pictures that I found at Michaels.
These are pictures I have taken from magazines and framed.  I change them out whenever I want something new.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Road trip April Fools!

Sarah Glaves, a co-worker and friend not only surveys, but is also an artist!  She had an art show opening at a cafe in Kenai, Alaska.  So me and three other co-workers/friends drove down to support her!  The drive from Palmer to Kenai is about 200 miles.  We worked 1/2 day, left at noon, and I was home by 11:30pm that same evening.  There's nothing that announces Spring like a road trip! Enjoy the pictures.

Leaving Terra
Brenna @ her desk
Lets go!
Hurry up Brenna!
Did I bring enough crap?
Brenna's hot ride
Brenna's road trip earings
Picking up Lauri
Picking up Tanya
Lets go to Sarah's art show girls!
Lunch in downtown Anchorage
Entering Kenai - our 4hour drive
Sarah and her beautiful paintings!
Hanging out with the artist
Everyone really enjoyed the fact that I took so many pictures...heehee
Great job Sarah!
After the show we went to "St. Elias" for stone oven pizza, and live music!  What a blast we had!
Brenna and Lauri looking up what the stars mean on the front of the subaru
They had these nasty Ravens stuffed and hanging from the ceiling at the restaurant....I'm just glad I could see only it's butt and not its beady little eyes!
I loved the decorations...they had great art work too.  And in the ladies bathroom they had two pictures that I have up and framed at my house!! haha
Lets hit the road girls!

A Tuesday evening at school

So my friend/coworker Georgia has the most precious children! Sweet little Hayden had a school recital and it was 50's music.  They sang 6 songs, and were dressed up like the 50's! SO CUTE! Little Hayden is 5th in counting fom the right.  They sang "Surfing USA", and other adorable songs!

My Little and me

My little Geneva and me at the park. 

We had fun walking in the snow and then driving around town.  Next week we're taking our cameras and taking pictures of downtown palmer, then having a picnic!

Saturday fun in March

Working at my friend's antique store and Jubilee stopped by after her Financial Peace class (Which I just finished mine!!! YaaaaY!!! Free Mondays once again)
The Twins & Their friend & Jubilee (they were bestmen in a wedding) =:)

Birthday party at work

A Birthday potluck at work for our VP Butch.
Everybody pitched in and brought some food.
My boss Gina getting her tray ready.
Let the fun begin!