Saturday, February 6, 2010


Fighting the winter cold with sleep and oldies. It hit Wednesday evening when I was still at work. I knew it was coming on, but was too tired and drained to do much to stop it. By Friday I sounded as bad as I felt and left work a couple hours early to go lay on my couch at home.

This month I'm supposed to be learning the guitar, but I'm not feeling very inspired. My fingers hurt when I hold the chord and my strumming is out of control. Plus my fingers arn't holding the strings down all of the way so the music sounds dull and flat. Happy winter days. Did I mention there's a full on snow blizzard going on outside? Good thing I don't mind living on canned salmon b/c that's all I have at the moment. What I wouldn't do for a NY bagel and some cold orange juice.

Happy February, or as Ellen says........"What the February??"

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