Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Morning

Just lounging around this Saturday morning before I take off for the day. Petunia had surgery yesterday to find out why she never fully healed from being spayed. They found a stich that had been covered by her skin that was never fully able to heal. I'm glad they found it. She was at the vet all day Friday and I was worried about her and being very BLONDE all day. I almost had my first accident! I pulled out and I didnt see the car coming (at all!) they must've been in my blind spot, but thankfull I just missed them. *sigh*

Today Petunia and I are going hiking in Ekultna. I hope it's not too slushie out there because I really want to get a good walk in. More updates and pictures later!

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Jen said...

love the hair! :)