Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fresh Snow

What makes the world look better than a fresh snow fall?  Covers all the dead things from the cold of winter, and brightens even the cloudy days.  Here are a few pictures of my place after a fresh snow fall.

My front porch and the wind chime I bought at Pennie Muth's store, Abby bought the same thing, so somewhere in Indiana there's a matching wind chime.

My porch and front yard

"Mom, I"m cold"

My tree fort is falling out of the tree!

My trees and drive way

My beautiful house

My back yard there were black and white tiny birds jumping from tree to tree chirping.

You can see Petunia's "circle" of where her leash reaches LOL, my backyard and hill.

Can you believe I own trees?

It's so beautiful at my house!

"Mom hurry up with your pictures, I'm cold"

There is even snow on the trees.

My pretty rock covered in snow.  That's all folks!

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