Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weight Loss

So last year I won my office's first ever Biggest Loser contest. I was completely not even in the running to win, but the last month of the 3 month competition I put things in gear (after my friend getting real with me, that *Slap* wake up you could win this) and dropped almost 40lbs (one lb away from that).

So now they're doing part two and I have been really struggling with it this time because of the holidays. I had a house guest for Christmas and I let go and ate everything and anything!! Now it's almost the end of January and I'm finally working on the last 3 lbs of weight gain during the holidays. It's coming off, but with LOTS of work. I need to focus and win this competition I'm in right now! It would mean at least $300. With the recent lay offs the competition was put on hold, so I have a real chance to still pull it out if I get focused. I'm thinking if I lose 20-30 more pounds I could win this.

PLUS the valley where I live is having a huge valley wide competition. For the biggest weight loss percentage the prize is $3,000, second prize $2,000, third prize $1,000. Last year the guy lost 100lbs, but no one remembered what percentage it was. I have from Jan-April to lose weight and win this thing. Money has got to be a big motivator, specially now.
My plan to win: Try to eat around 1200 calories a day. This has really worked for me in the past. Doing the math simply works....I know that I burn about 2000 calories a day just by living. So if I cut my calories, and add exercise I can determine how much weight I lose each week. However keeping focused on this can be hard. Today I plan on making a weight loss chart, because I do well when I see things visually....I like to make that red line go DOWN on the chart =:)

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