Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy New Year 2010

So I have lots of goals this year!

One is to read my Bible in 3 months, I fell horribly behind on that this week. I am in 2Samuel, and I'm reading the Chronological Bible so everything is in order, so 2Samuel is LOOONG b/c practically the entire book of Psalms is included in it (hahaha)

I also have monthly Hobbies planned:

January - Reading

Feb- Guitar playing
March - knitting (I already have a knitting group asking me to hurry up and start!)
April - Drawing

May - Painting

June - Hiking
July - Photography

August - Short stories

Sept - Beading

Oct - Learn Spanish

Nov - Learn to play one classical song on the piano

Dec - decorative wrapping

Pretty excited about the Hobbies! Reading for Jan has gone really well....basically it's just reading in general anything I can get my hands on. It has mostly been the Bible, but I've also started a monthly book reading w/Gwen (but I'm behind on that book).

Also - SCORE I found a TON of free magazines that the library was giving away. I'm going to use them for creative Christmas gifts too! woo hoo

Here are the rest of my Resolutions:

Read the entire Bible (even if it takes me more than 3 months)
Write and perform at least one song I write
Complete another 5K
Go to the gym at least twice a week
Plan an awesome Birthday party for my 30th
visit NYC
Use the at home whitening strips for my teeth
Road trip to Valdez,AK
Save $3,000 in addition to my tax refund
Stay on a budget
Plant a garden
Landscape around my house
Plant at least one tree and one perrenial in my yard
Do a book a month w/Gwen (maybe this'll work this time hahaha)
Send more snail mail - at least once a month (this might be on hold until I'm back to work full time)
Count calories
Teach Petunia at least 6 new tricks
Plan, save & have a Christmas gift budget
Get Birthday cards ready for the whole year
Learn something new each mont (ex: knitting, fishing, cooking, guitar chord, etc)
Complete the paperwork on time for both of my Bible study groups
Download one new song a month
Finish decorating the master bedroom (make a headboard!)
Hang out with friends at least once a month
Take a vacation randomly
Save for a road trip around the USA
Stay out of debt
Take my vitamins
Make 2 new friends

In addition to all of that I've been busy with 3 group studies I've been doing!

Monday Night 7-9pm I do Financial Peace University. It is all about living on a budget (one of my goals) and getting out of debt (pay off that house!) It has been really good and actually helpful during this financially tight time with the lay offs. It made me write down my expenses and I realized I needed to cut some things. I now only use the home phone line - no cell phone! I canceled cable and downgraded to dialup speed DSL with a phone/tv/internet package of $50. Also I canceled I'm getting there!

Live your best life now - Wednesday nights 6:30-7:30pm

This one is hard for me b/c it's in the middle of the week and I'm usually exhausted and drained by then...but the class just started to pick up last week. So maybe I'll get more into it now. We'll see! =;)

First Place for Health Friday 6-7pm
I love this one! My friend Rachelle said she really got on the weight loss band wagon with weekly home weight loss meetings. So I spoke to a couple of friends, and they suggested looking at the Bible Book store for something to use and I found this. It has been really good actually....very enlightning.
Lets see anything else..........hmm maybe but we'll see what the new year holds!

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Christine said...

Great plan for the new year! I started taking ballroom dancing lessons! So stinkin' fun! I took the Financial Peace class a few years ago. My church offered it. It was good but still I struggle with being diligent sticking to a budget.