Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fairbanks and the North Pole - Memorial Day Part 2

Fairbanks Museum
It was sooo pretty out! 80 degrees

I couldn't believe how nice the museum was, and it was free parking too since it was the weekend, woohoo

Driving up to the Museum

Lovely grounds

I didn't realize flash photography wasn't allowed

He looks grumpy

I didn't realize that Alaska had so many dino's and such - it was amazing! I learned a lot.

This is when some one came up to me and asked me not to take pictures with my flash on. I spent the next 10 mins trying to figure out how to turn my flash out. I didn't so I didn't take pictures until I got to the next floor.


The birds are gross, but this museum was amazing, as you can see in this picture.

So cool!

Leaving the museum

At the North Pole! Visiting Santa's house

Big Santa

Cute little house - all Christmas - all the time! I love it!!

I love it in here! It made me so happy! I wanted to buy every Christmas CD (they had different music playing in different parts of the store - so cool!)

They look a little lazy during their "off" season
I see dasher and dancer...

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Christmas? Already? lol...