Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting ready for the house

So I tried to post pictures, but since I downgraded my cable internet it's only good for emailing. Not for trying to upload/download things. Soooo for now I'll have to write instead of uploading pictures! =:)

The house is coming along! I saw that they were working on the foundation yesterday! So exciting. As I drove by the neighbor glared at me on his snow machine. I was driving by smiling and he just gave me a cold stare! Jerk! Arg! Getting that fence put up asap! hehehe

Did you hear about the econominc stimulus for new home buyers (aka people who haven't owned a home in 3 years)? From April-Dec 08 if you purchased a home you get to take a loan for the government for up to $7500 that you have to pay back over 15 years. Then they passed a bill for 09 that if you purchase a home between Jan 09 - Nov 30, 09 you get $8000 back on your taxes that *drum roll* you do not have to pay back!!!!!!!!!

Example: If you normally get $1000 back on your taxes, you will now get $9,000 back. If you normally have to pay $1000 on your taxes then you will get $7000 back. Hello!

The State of Alaska also has an energy rebate thing going on. Until funds run out if you get a 5*+ house (they come out and inspect it, I have an appointment for the future, hopefully the house is done when they call!) you can receive a rebate from the state for $7500. This is only until funds run out though, but I am on the list!

So that makes purchasing a home in 2009 perfect! I am a little confused though about what to do with the money. My first thoughts are "put it on the house pay less interest". But then I think what if somewhere down the road I decide to sell the house before 30 years is up? Also I think "wouldn't it be nice to have something to fall back on incase something happens?" I am doing this alone and it might be less stressful mentally if I know there's an emergency fund for the house.

Then I think "I'm getting a fence and paved drive way!" heheeh so many thoughts. We'll see what happens.