Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I had such a great Labor Day!! I hope you all did too!

I started the day off with a little coupon shopping at Walmart! I also picked up some pencils and a little 4x6 drawing pad then I went off to draw some places in Wasilla.
Here is my first drawing attempt...Wasilla Lake. I love hanging out here!

My next drawing attempt the Wasilla train depot

!!Road trip warning! I drove up to Hatchers pass to stick my feet in the cold river and pick blue berries in the Mountains.

How beautiful!

Lets play spot the gum in the mouth.....

I think this is the most beautiful view.

Me sweating it out after climbing up 1/2 a mountain to find blue berries. I only found a handful of those suckers!! It's much more worth it to buy them at the store.

I stuck my foot in the picture so you could see how far I climbed! It was much higher than it looks in the picture!!
Me on one Mountain looking at another one.

You know you all want to move here!!!!