Sunday, August 31, 2008

The many faces of my hair

Left over long locks from the last 3 years July 07

Getting ready to chop it in Texas with Casie
The hair was chopped! September 07

Getting it cut again before Thanksgiving 2007

Lets add a little blonde (lol) March 08

Going darker for my 28th Birthday July 08


Fun at work

Sienna hiding from the camera

Me really trying to hide from the camera (don't look at my nasty chipped nails! ewww)

Pretty Sienna!

Sienna took the camera pretending to look at her picture and took a picture of me HAAH smart girl.


Can you believe I grew these?!!?!?

Hello pretty little carrots

I had so much fun growing veggies this summer. It wasn't hard at all, but keeping up with all the harvesting can be time consuming. I loved it though!

Alaska's State Fair 2008

New little moo cow at the fair!! So sad!!!

Jill and I stomping around the state fair

We had so much fun - if you want to go to the fair, go on a Tuesday night!! It was so empty!

My Day in Seward

The wild life in Seward

Seward down town, so many cute stores, so little time.

My little friend at the Seward Marina

Beautiful Seward

haha this stranger asked "are you alone" I said yes then she said "I'll take a picture for you!" LOL The bench is where I got to sit and read and write in my journal. SO NICE!!!

This was alive and walking all around!!
Mr. Octopus on the other side
Hello Fish

It's so pretty in Seward!

Me takin pictures


Seward Welcoming me