Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Glasses

Ok I have to explain this - Georgia got these glasses in her Secret Santa gift.....
If you put the glasses on and look at lights (like on the Christmas tree) there will appear Snowmen or Stars around each light!!! It's so cool!!

Our President Tom trying them out

No Robyn, look at the lights!

My boss (the controller) Gina checking the lights out

"If you shake your head like this the snowmen look like they're dancing"
Delmar and Georgia shaking their heads

Butch, the VP of finance, giving the glasses a whirl

Georgia loving her gift!

Secret Santa

Score! Tanya got comfy PJs and a fluffy pink blanket

Tom got snacks & the new Xfiles movie

TJ got a cool ITunes gift card

Starbucks mug & Bed bath and beyond for the princess

Socks, Bears, Hot chocolate lots of fun stuff for Robyn

Lots of fun lotion for Raj the girly lotion guy


Karita searching for her gift

Jeff got an xbox game

Gina got some awesome gloves

Georgia got a Dragonfly night flight and some cool glasses that we'll see pictures of later

Danny got a cool chair massager!

Butch got MaMa Mia!

Wasilla Christmas

Jessica's Christmas Dance

Jessica Martinson! My friend Jill's youngest daughter. She is the one in pink on the right.

Monday, December 15, 2008



A local Castle

People through the ages

Pretty creepy

The same ppl made this bridge who made the Bay bridge in California

Cadiz, Spain